What is Global Arbitration News?

Global Arbitration News is a news platform for the international arbitration community and other interested parties. It keeps you updated on the latest developments in arbitration-related topics, including legislation, court and tribunal decisions, key events, and news from arbitral institutions. Global Arbitration News is moderated by Baker McKenzie. The current members of the Global Arbitration News Steering Committee are: Europe, Middle East & Africa: Dr. Markus Altenkirch (Baker McKenzie, Frankfurt) Asia Pacific: Michelle Lee (Baker McKenzie, Singapore) North AmericaNicholas Kennedy (Baker McKenzie, New York)

What is the purpose of Global Arbitration News?

Global Arbitration News is the first global media platform which covers arbitration news from Argentina to Vietnam. Global Arbitration News provides a country-by-country update on the latest developments in the field of international arbitration. Full access is free-of-charge, as is receiving the monthly newsletter covering key news and developments from the last month.

Who contributes to Global Arbitration News?

Members of Baker McKenzie’s 300-strong international arbitration group, as well as colleagues from our affiliated law firms, all contribute to Global Arbitration News.

Global Arbitration News does not replace legal consultation

Global Arbitration News keeps interested parties abreast of changes in legislation and case law that may, to one degree or another, affect their activity or cater to their particular interests. The opinions and commentaries expressed in the articles are not legal opinions and cannot replace the necessity of receiving legal consultations or opinions in specific practical situations.