International Arbitration Yearbook 2019-2020

International Arbitration Yearbook 2019-2020 Placeholder
International Arbitration Yearbook 2019-2020

Welcome to the 13th edition, and first online-only version, of Baker McKenzie’s International Arbitration Yearbook. From the publication’s European-focused roots, the Yearbook has grown to cover notable developments across up to 44 jurisdictions worldwide, reflecting our firm’s truly global presence. This year, in recognition both of our clients’ preferences for soft copy material and our commitment to sustainability, the Yearbook is being published electronically via our Global Arbitration News blog, rather than in hard copy.

As with the editions before it, the Yearbook will cover important legislative and case law updates from each jurisdiction. There is much to watch for, with trends in both artificial intelligence and legal tech generally frequently discussed and increasingly present. The energy sector continues to be an active area of arbitration, especially with the emergence of more climate change disputes.

A further strength of the online-only production of the Yearbook is our ability to add to it later in the year. We already have a project underway to bring you industry-specific, data-backed analysis, drawing on the unparalleled volume of arbitral information we possess by virtue of acting on more arbitrations globally than any other law firm.

This innovative approach reflects both the strength and specialism of our practitioners and the continued success of the Baker brand, with Acritas’ Global Elite Brand Index ranking us, for the tenth year in a row, Best Law Firm Brand. We look forward to sharing our further insights with you and hope you find this new format enticing and interesting.

Finally, we extend our thanks to our diligent and industrious editorial team, led by Executive Editor Steve Adams, who made this all come together, along with editors Whitney Gatz and Matthew Caulfield. We would also like to thank Benjamin Roe, Louise Oakley, Markus Altenkirch, Brigitta John and our vast network of colleagues and friends who have contributed to this international team effort.

Ed Poulton and Michael Morkin
On behalf of the International Arbitration Steering Committee.

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