We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of the Baker McKenzie International Arbitration Yearbook is now available. This year, in recognition of both our clients’ preferences for soft copy material and our commitment to sustainability, the Yearbook is being published electronically via our Global Arbitration News blog, rather than in hard copy.

This new edition reviews important developments in arbitration over the past year across 43 jurisdictions, including:

  • The increasing use of artificial intelligence and technology in arbitration;
  • increased risk for investors posed by nationalization;
  • the ongoing uncertainty around the future of intra-EU BITs following the European Court of Justice’s decision in Achmea; and
  • the continued push for procedural efficiency.

You can access the latest edition of the International Arbitration Yearbook here or by hovering your cursor over the “International Arbitration Yearbook” menu, which appears at the top of every page on GAN, and selecting “2019-2020 Edition.”