We are pleased to announce that the new edition of The Baker & McKenzie International Arbitration Yearbook is now available.

The ninth edition of an annual series established by the Firm in 2007, this volume comprises reports on arbitration in key jurisdictions around the globe. Leading lawyers of the Firm’s International Arbitration Practice Group, report on recent developments in national laws relating to arbitration and address current arbitral trends in the jurisdictions in which they practice.  Each chapter includes a special section on costs in international arbitration, setting out how this topic which is of great interest to end-users is approached by courts and tribunals in each jurisdiction.

The new International Arbitration Yearbook provides updates on national laws relating to arbitration, an important tool in the management of risks in cross-border businesses. This edition addresses current arbitral trends and tendencies, with a special section on how courts and tribunals in each jurisdiction look at the issue of costs in arbitration.

Learn more by going to http://www. bakermckenzie.com /InternationalArbitration/