The world faces significant levels of social, political and economic instability and uncertainty. To a large extent, while the big-picture context is currently influenced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, global pandemics are just one element of a future that will be shaped by at least five long-term, persistent, and interrelated themes. The future undoubtedly presents numerous challenges, but also significant opportunities for those who are adaptable and sufficiently prepared.

What does this future mean for how we will resolve disputes?

Join us on 3 November for our Plenary on The Big Picture, where our London Dispute Resolution partners will be joined by keynote speaker and futurist Sanjay Khanna. Throughout November we have a further seven Spotlight sessions, in which we will explore key legal topics in greater detail.

Please click here to see the programme detailing the topics to be explored in the Plenary and each Spotlight session. Of particular interest to GAN subscribers may be the sessions on Contract Drafting and Management in the Covid-19 Era, with speakers from our International Arbitration practice, and The Future of Mediation: The Default Option? led by other International Arbitration and Litigation colleagues.

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